How to Turn in a Doctor’s Excuse with Confidence

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When people leave the classroom and enter the real world, they are often surprised to realize that, unlike class, they are actually expected to show up for work on a daily basis. Sometimes, people are unable to show up for work. Perhaps their car breaks down, they have a death in the family, or they’re actually sick. When they show up for work the next day, they often inform their boss that they were sick the prior day, only to see the boss look back with a skeptical expression, In order to convince their boss that they were actually sick and not just skipping work, they need to know how to turn in a doctor’s excuse with confidence.

Eye Contact is Key

The first step to turning in a doctor’s excuse with confidence is to make eye contact with the boss. This means look them straight in the eye as the doctor’s excuse is being presented. Do not look down at the floor and do not look down at the note. These are signs that people are unsure of how the boss will respond or are unsure regarding the validity of the note. Simply look the boss in the eye and present the excuse.

Posture is Important

People should try to make sure that they keep their shoulders back when they hand in the note. If people are slumped over, it could be a sign of weakness or unease regarding the excuse. When people keep their shoulders back, they maintain an assertive position as they are handing in the note. This will help to project confidence in their doctor’s excuse and possibly prevent questions coming their way from their boss. This is one of the keys to handing in fake doctors notes with confidence.

Make Sure to Read the Excuse Before Presenting

It is not unusual for the boss to ask people about their illness. This means the diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment it took for the employee to recover. The boss is checking to see what their employee will say because they want to make sure that the sickness matches what is written on the note. If the employee gives a different illness from what is written on the excuse, they will think the employee is actually lying. Therefore, people need to make sure that they read the excuse before handing it in. Know what is written on the excuse.