Why Fake Doctors Notes Aren’t Illegal


The Legality of Using Fake Doctors Notes

Everyone has had some of those days when you did not feel like going to work for some reasons. It could be boredom, moods or you just wanted to hang out with your long lost friends. You could also be attending an event, and you were sure your employer could not excuse you to skip work for such reasons. But, if you knew there was a website that offers fake doctors notes and it was just some clicks away, you would not have to stress yourself out. You only need to do a simple search, and your problem is solved.

Getting a parent’s forged signature when you were a kid after missing school was a bit easier compared to getting a fake doctor note though. You need to pay a few dollars, and there you have the note. However, you have to be aware of the risks associated with the action. There is no legal law related to fake doctor notes, but it would be useful if one is careful not to be caught by the employer.

Getting a fake letter from a physician as an excuse for absenteeism is hard but certainly not impossible. It is, however, illegal to forge a real person’s signature as it could put them in trouble. Currently, there are many websites offering some paid and free excuse templates of fake notes that look like real doctor’s notes. The selection is large, but you should always ensure that the version you choose is editable and when you print it, it does not come with the web address or watermark.

You should edit the template to match your information. For example, if the note has John’s details and you are Mary, you cannot take that to your employer. You have to change all the details to match yours.

The next thing is to come up with a good excuse to convince the employer. You can either make it template or specific since some doctors will describe the particular treated problem while others will state that the patient visited the hospital but do not provide any additional medical information. The best way if you want to include your fake disease is by making it somehow embarrassing such that no one will want to double-check it.

Entering the doctor’s information is the most important part. Remember to enter the name of a fictitious physician and indicate that s/he works within a reasonable distance. All the information should be consistent as used with the used template.

Fake doctors notes are not illegal as long as nobody is hurt in the process. Ensure that you do not drag anyone else in your problem in case you get caught. Also, to use these notes, make sure you are not absent for a long time. The person viewing your record may decide to verify the information from the internet if you have been away for an extended period and you could end up getting caught. A one or two days’ absenteeism is not likely to raise suspicions.

The legality of the use of fake doctors notes depends on the firm where you work. Some employers might be strict while others understand. Make a point of studying and understanding your boss first since although there are no legal actions against you for the action, you could end up losing your job.