Enjoying an Impromptu Day Off From Work

Need a Day Off Work Or School?

Have you come to the conclusion that you simply need a day off from work, yet are still four days away from the weekend?  Well, we have an idea for you.  As long as you promise not to make a habit out of this, we recommend taking a sick day today.  Yes, once in awhile we all need to play hookey.  What you need to do is invent a temporary illness for yourself.  In order to avoid getting in trouble with your boss, you need to make it look legitimate.  To do this, you need a couple of fake doctors notes.  If you have a cool doctor, he or she can help you out.  Otherwise you can obtain one from the website http://signedpdfs.com

What you can do with your day off

Now that you have your fake doctors notes it is time to enjoy this day off.  It is strongly recommended that you head for the nearest body of water.  Whether you live near an ocean, a lake, a river, or whatever, head there today.  You can go swimming, sun bathe, maybe even get in a little fishing or crabbing while you are at it.  Get your buddies together to join you.  That will make this so much more fun.  Perhaps there is a barbeque area at that body of water.  If not, maybe its time to invest in a small, portable grill and a cooler.  Grab a package of burgers and a case of your favorite beer and head out.

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Not only will your day at the water be terrific, but your mini road trip there and back is sure to be spectacular too.  This is especially true if you live in a scenic part of your home state.  You and your pals can really bond as you take in the views on your way to the lake.  For something even better, use the camera on your Smartphone to video-tape the entire road trip.  Then continue making the video when you arrive at your destination.  And – do not forget the killer tunes.  What would a day of fun be without the tunes, right?  Make the most out of your impromptu day off.  If there is a lot of open space near your lake, it might be fun to bring along a couple of kites or a frisbee or something.

Remember You Need a Fake Doctors Note To Return to Work

Once your day of fun is over and it is time to head back to work, be prepared to put up with a little guff from your boss.  However, as long as you have those fake doctors notes with you, you should be just fine.  Then what you really did on that day will be your little secret.