Doctor’s Note for School – 5 Secrets

It is possible that at one time or another in your life you will needs an excuse note from a doctor whether you are a student or an employee. It might be an urgent obligation that you wish to keep secret from your employer or a meeting you wish to attend. In most cases just saying you are sick is not enough, your employer will not question a doctor’s excuse note. Below are 5 secrets to a believable doctor’s note.

1.    Don’t make it too perfect
One sure way of getting caught is by making the note too perfect. In real life the doctor will only give you at most 15 minutes for an exam. So to make your note believable you should make it look like the doctor dashed it off and not like he dedicated hours making it look right. Make it look like it was written by a person with too much work and very little time to do it.

2.    Do not use white out
It is illegal to use white out on a patient’s medical records. No legitimate doctor’s note will have white out on it. If you make a mistake on fake doctors notes, you will have to start over or mark through it. In the real medical records the mistakes are kept and annotate is made to acknowledge it was a mistake. If there is white out on your note it will look fishy.

3.    Sign the document as illegibly as possible
It is a known fact that doctors have the worst handwriting. So on your note make sure your signature is illegible. If they cannot read it then they cannot call up the doctor just to check up on you. If it helps you can try signing the document with your non-dominant hand and try writing rapidly.

4.    Use medical jargon
Do not write your note in plain English. Make use of some medical jargon, you can look up some standard medical phrases or abbreviations to make it more believable.

5.    Change format if you “change” doctors
If you have used a fake doctor’s note in the past and you do change doctors you should change up the template as well. While there are common trends the medical records are nit standardized which means they look very different when compare. You can make a copy and keep it to avoid repetition the next time.