Medical Excuses That Are Likely To Work On A Fake Doctor’s Note

We are all guilty at some point in time of wanting to take time off of work or school using a medical excuse. No matter what you have going on in your outside life, educational institutions or employers only want to see concrete evidence that you are too sick to work. Typically, you will want to use illnesses that are easy to fake, hard to disprove, and would affect your performance at work. In combination with the right set of symptoms and fake doctors notes, you will finally be able to enjoy the life that you have been missing out on.

Stomach Aches

Stomach aches are the classic go-to excuse when it comes to skipping out on your obligations. Stomach aches have such wide implications that they can be mild to severe. Exaggerating your diagnosis with a combination of aches, pains, vomiting, and gases will have your employer or teacher wanting to stay far away from their classroom. Submit your fake doctor’s note which details your unpleasant digestive system to have the next several days to yourself.

Foot Pain

Many jobs will require you to stand or walk for several hours a day. Because of this, having a major problem with your feet will essentially tell your boss that you will be useless if you come into work that day. Get a fake not from a foot specialist showing the severity of your injury and you should be clear to stay out of work for quite awhile.


Everybody going to class or work on Mondays will probably have a headache, but it can be considered severe if this headache was a result of something severe like a blood clot. Instead of fumbling for an excuse of why your hangover won’t allow you to work, instead, opt to get a fake not showing how severe your head pain really is.

Fake Doctors Note: Why You Should Never Make Your Own

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It is true that everyone needs a break and we all deserve some rest from our routine schedules. While each of us gets time away from work and school, there are days when we simply want to take time off but do not have a genuine and legitimate reason. In such situations, most people opt for medical reasons as a way to skip work and school. While it is possible to get a note from a qualified medical professional, some people choose to make the notes on their own so as to avoid the hassle associated with visiting a specialist. However, there are several reasons why you should not make your own.

It takes a lot of time and effort
When making a fake doctor’s note, you will need to make sure that the document appears to be legitimate. This means putting a lot of time and effort into creating the note. When you need to take time away from work or school, you will not want to spend your free time working on a document to excuse yourself from your routine activities. You may actually prefer spending the time watching TV, taking a nap or relaxing. This is why you should come up with another reasonable excuse rather than making your own doctor’s note. 

Verifiable documentation
A doctor’s note should contain relevant information such as phone numbers, the physical location of the treatment facility as well as the name. While it may be possible to present the note without much of a problem, there are times when your employer may take a closer look at the document you have presented. If your breaks have been frequent or your absence is considered problematic, closer scrutiny of the document may reveal that they are not authentic.

The consequences can be dire
Once you are found to have presented  fake doctors notes, the trust that your boss or employer had in you will be eroded. Apart from the embarrassment that comes with being caught, you may also face disciplinary action in line with the rules of your workplace. If investigations are conducted and you are found to have presented several fake doctor’s note, this may limit the career opportunities available to you.

Professional ethics
As much as all of us need a break from school and work, lying to get a day off is not the right thing to do. There are a number of reasonable excuses that you can use to ensure that you get the rest you need.

Enjoying an Impromptu Day Off From Work

Need a Day Off Work Or School?

Have you come to the conclusion that you simply need a day off from work, yet are still four days away from the weekend?  Well, we have an idea for you.  As long as you promise not to make a habit out of this, we recommend taking a sick day today.  Yes, once in awhile we all need to play hookey.  What you need to do is invent a temporary illness for yourself.  In order to avoid getting in trouble with your boss, you need to make it look legitimate.  To do this, you need a couple of fake doctors notes.  If you have a cool doctor, he or she can help you out.  Otherwise you can obtain one from the website

What you can do with your day off

Now that you have your fake doctors notes it is time to enjoy this day off.  It is strongly recommended that you head for the nearest body of water.  Whether you live near an ocean, a lake, a river, or whatever, head there today.  You can go swimming, sun bathe, maybe even get in a little fishing or crabbing while you are at it.  Get your buddies together to join you.  That will make this so much more fun.  Perhaps there is a barbeque area at that body of water.  If not, maybe its time to invest in a small, portable grill and a cooler.  Grab a package of burgers and a case of your favorite beer and head out.

fake doctors notes


Not only will your day at the water be terrific, but your mini road trip there and back is sure to be spectacular too.  This is especially true if you live in a scenic part of your home state.  You and your pals can really bond as you take in the views on your way to the lake.  For something even better, use the camera on your Smartphone to video-tape the entire road trip.  Then continue making the video when you arrive at your destination.  And – do not forget the killer tunes.  What would a day of fun be without the tunes, right?  Make the most out of your impromptu day off.  If there is a lot of open space near your lake, it might be fun to bring along a couple of kites or a frisbee or something.

Remember You Need a Fake Doctors Note To Return to Work

Once your day of fun is over and it is time to head back to work, be prepared to put up with a little guff from your boss.  However, as long as you have those fake doctors notes with you, you should be just fine.  Then what you really did on that day will be your little secret.

How to Turn in a Doctor’s Excuse with Confidence

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When people leave the classroom and enter the real world, they are often surprised to realize that, unlike class, they are actually expected to show up for work on a daily basis. Sometimes, people are unable to show up for work. Perhaps their car breaks down, they have a death in the family, or they’re actually sick. When they show up for work the next day, they often inform their boss that they were sick the prior day, only to see the boss look back with a skeptical expression, In order to convince their boss that they were actually sick and not just skipping work, they need to know how to turn in a doctor’s excuse with confidence.

Eye Contact is Key

The first step to turning in a doctor’s excuse with confidence is to make eye contact with the boss. This means look them straight in the eye as the doctor’s excuse is being presented. Do not look down at the floor and do not look down at the note. These are signs that people are unsure of how the boss will respond or are unsure regarding the validity of the note. Simply look the boss in the eye and present the excuse.

Posture is Important

People should try to make sure that they keep their shoulders back when they hand in the note. If people are slumped over, it could be a sign of weakness or unease regarding the excuse. When people keep their shoulders back, they maintain an assertive position as they are handing in the note. This will help to project confidence in their doctor’s excuse and possibly prevent questions coming their way from their boss. This is one of the keys to handing in fake doctors notes with confidence.

Make Sure to Read the Excuse Before Presenting

It is not unusual for the boss to ask people about their illness. This means the diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment it took for the employee to recover. The boss is checking to see what their employee will say because they want to make sure that the sickness matches what is written on the note. If the employee gives a different illness from what is written on the excuse, they will think the employee is actually lying. Therefore, people need to make sure that they read the excuse before handing it in. Know what is written on the excuse.

Doctor’s Note for School – 5 Secrets

It is possible that at one time or another in your life you will needs an excuse note from a doctor whether you are a student or an employee. It might be an urgent obligation that you wish to keep secret from your employer or a meeting you wish to attend. In most cases just saying you are sick is not enough, your employer will not question a doctor’s excuse note. Below are 5 secrets to a believable doctor’s note.

1.    Don’t make it too perfect
One sure way of getting caught is by making the note too perfect. In real life the doctor will only give you at most 15 minutes for an exam. So to make your note believable you should make it look like the doctor dashed it off and not like he dedicated hours making it look right. Make it look like it was written by a person with too much work and very little time to do it.

2.    Do not use white out
It is illegal to use white out on a patient’s medical records. No legitimate doctor’s note will have white out on it. If you make a mistake on fake doctors notes, you will have to start over or mark through it. In the real medical records the mistakes are kept and annotate is made to acknowledge it was a mistake. If there is white out on your note it will look fishy.

3.    Sign the document as illegibly as possible
It is a known fact that doctors have the worst handwriting. So on your note make sure your signature is illegible. If they cannot read it then they cannot call up the doctor just to check up on you. If it helps you can try signing the document with your non-dominant hand and try writing rapidly.

4.    Use medical jargon
Do not write your note in plain English. Make use of some medical jargon, you can look up some standard medical phrases or abbreviations to make it more believable.

5.    Change format if you “change” doctors
If you have used a fake doctor’s note in the past and you do change doctors you should change up the template as well. While there are common trends the medical records are nit standardized which means they look very different when compare. You can make a copy and keep it to avoid repetition the next time.