5 secrets for faking a Doctor’s note for school

"I don't think your parent would sign this excuse, 'Timmy's Mom'."A medical excuse is the most legitimate way to go back to school without getting into any trouble. Most students need some time off school to engage in other activities or to take a short vacation. To many, this is a dream as they do not see any alternative apart from faking a doctor’s note. Here are five secrets students should know about faking a doctor’s note for school.


Avoid Grammar mistakes

Doctors go to school for so many years, and they cannot afford to make any grammar mistakes. A faked doctor’s note should be free from any grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes as nobody will want to believe that a doctor has spelling errors.


Use best quality forms

The form used should look legit. There need to be logos, stamps, and watermarks that support the excuse. It should look exactly like the real note from a doctor.


The excuse has to be realistic

When faking a doctor’s note, a student needs to stay within the limits of possibility. The excuse should match the person using it and the time is taken off. For instance, the flu will be the best excuse during flu season, and it takes around three days.


Give a working phone number

If the student has posted contact details, it might just be the best call back support the excuse needs. This way if the school calls for verification, they can speak to someone who will ascertain the case.


Avoid Altered notes

As much as it may be tempting to alter a note from a real doctor, students should never do this. An altered note can not only get an individual into trouble in school but also with the legal authorities, as it will be considered as fake doctors notes.